Hello, my name is Mark T, Blachley and I am an ordained minister, and spiritual warrior. I have been studying the subject of demons, angels, evil spirits, ghosts, and fallen angels, for the past fourteen years. I have, on many occasions, been able to discern certain spirits and their particular rank of office. I have also been able to see many of them as well. In several cases, I have cleansed houses for people who have had problems in this particular area, and have cleansed people as well.

The ministry that we have is, quite frankly, shunned by most of the church. The subject of demons, ghosts or hauntings is a very scary matter for many who do not understand this area of ministry and this is where we come in. We let people know that there is hope for them and that there is a God who loves them and can set them free. I have seen the power of God move in the area of the demonic many times and I can tell you that He is far more powerful then any demon could hope to be.




When I was about five years old, I use to see dark, shadowy figures roaming around my room and other parts of the house at night.  This use to frighten me deeply and even having a night light didn’t get rid of them.  They never caused me any physical harm, but, they freaked me out very bad.  I would learn later, that these entities were called the shadow men. 


I stopped seeing them in my room at night when I accepted Jesus as my saviour at the age of seven.  The shadow men in particular, seem to draw energy from fear.  It seems to be their source of food.  And they seem to prey on the fear of young children.  Please believe your children if they mention things that go bump in the night.  Children in particular, are more susceptible to seeing the realm of the supernatural than adults, at times.  Just because an adult doesn’t see things, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.


During this particular time in my life, I was about the age of seven and my family and I were attending a church where all sorts of weird things happened.  Supernatural healings, prophetic words of knowledge, and of course, exorcisms.  I was very young at the time, when on a particular Sunday evening, we had a service at church, in which a demon manifested in someone right in the middle of the service!  I was up in the balcony thank God!  It was a very scary moment for me.  But, at the same time, I was very interested in what was happening.


It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I discovered the power of God for myself.  I began to have a very real prayer life in which God spoke back to me, and demons became very real as well.  The night that I received what is known as the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I awoke in my bed, absolutely paralyzed, and the room was totally dark.  Normally, I would be able to see something as my window always let a little moonlight in.  Not this night.  I was unable to move my body, and I was paralyzed by fear.  As I looked out into the darkness of my room, I saw the shadowy figures I once saw as a child.  I was twenty one.  I was in my right mind.  I was not hallucinating.  As I was lying there, seemingly helpless, a verse of scripture came to my mind.  2Tim.1:7-“For God hath not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”


As this ran through my mind, it was as if something broke a glass box around me, and I sat up and pointed to the figures in the dark, I said, “in the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to go!”  They stood there as if they were shocked at what just happened. 
I then raised my hands and invited the Holy Spirit to come into the room.  At the moment I said amen, a huge wind came through my blinds and raised them to the top of the ceiling and my room was filled with moonlight.  That was the entrance of the Holy Spirit in my life from then on.  Since then, I have seen the shadow men on occasion, but not near me.  Usually around other people.


Since that experience, I have been studying spiritual warfare and helping whoever I have been able to.  It hasn’t been easy as I have found out that much of the church doesn’t know how to handle this stuff, nor does it want to.  So, most of the time, I have gone it alone.  God has always shown His power through me though.  The first time I was called to perform a deliverance over a house that had evil spirits in it, I laid my hands on the walls and all the pictures fell off the walls.  A Christian c.d. I gave the man, wouldn’t play in his cd player.  Later, the man who lived in the house, who was hiding as I prayed, came towards me with a look of horror on his face.  He said, I am afraid of you.  The closer he got, the further to the ground he went, when finally, he was on his knees in front of me.  Being the novice that I was, I thought ok, what do I do now?  And I left.  I honestly had no idea at that time what to do for someone who was demonized themselves.  Now, I am much wiser than I was before.  Now, I know much more than I did then, and what I have learned, has worked everytime.  God truly is awesome.  By the way, the man in the house with evil spirits was set free later and has had no further incidents in his house.  He is also a born again Christian now as well.  So, in that case, prayer was the key to victory.


The purpose of this website is to give those who are interested, and even more, those who are experiencing some very terrible paranormal phenomena, an answer to what is going on.  And even more, hope.  God can overcome all things.  I have seen it time and time again.